The Get Back: Shannon Brown

"3am workout sessions!!! I don't brag, I don't boast I just get it in. They can never question my heart, passion, desire or love for the game of basketball, even tho people have often mistaken these things for arrogance or having a bad attitude when all I wanna do is win and be great.  I'm still getting better everyday.  When I first touched a basketball I didn't know what to do with it.  I was gifted with athleticism but my skill and knowledge of the game is an everyday challenge that I happily embrace and take on."

Shannon Demetrius Brown strives to be an active player in the National Basketball Association CONTRIBUTING his energy, efforts and gifts to better a team.  A Champion, a father, a true Midwest breed with some southern hospitality mixed in.  When he was 12 years old, Shannon once scored 49 of his teams' 51 points; at the Boys & Girls Club in Harlem, USA he blossomed, his competitive instincts enlarged versus Rod Strickland's NY Team; they were flashy, semi-aggressive and talked a bit more trash. He once dunked on a kid his age when he was 13, at the University of Kansas Basketball Camp, there was no dribbling allowed on the first day of 5-on-5 competition; all you could do were work on becoming a better passer, creating separation from your defender to retrieve the ball, moving without the ball and lay-ups.  Fast forward... Shannon D. Brown is on the verge of his own major comeback from a minor setback... living life, blessed, grinding, thinking about the get back!

It's a known fact that the cream always rises to the top... and if you love your craft, then watching film to stay ahead of the curve is second nature. Taking time to be a student of the game, studying the moves & situations that may have been unsuccessful due to doing too much or not enough. Any pointers and knowledge gained from these sessions are what separates the men from the boys... this is education, and education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world and the world around you. SB will be in the National Basketball Association CONTRIBUTING his energy, efforts and gift to a team. He doesn't brag, or boast, he just gets it in, you can't question his heart, passion, desire or love for the game of basketball. 

          Updated: SHANNON BROWN is currently signed to the San Antonio Spurs.


New York Knicks are seeking to sign Shannon Brown


The Get Back



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