Women Need To Stick Together

I don't know what saddens me the most, knowing that Eve easily persuaded Adam to eat the fruit, Basketball Wives' non-influential acts, the non-admittance of women dominance or the fact that women do not stick together. What if all women stuck together? Would the world be a better place? Would men act right? I'm sure there are a million answers mixed with numerous situational factors powered by more excuses than a little bit. One things for certain, WOMEN NEED TO STICK TOGETHER.

Sitting with two women, a group of women or some little girls, you will be able to examine how women act towards each other whether they are related, strangers, co-workers, enemies or even the best of friends. You'll learn a lot just by observation & listening. You'll even see how, why and if women can stick together.

I hear lots of stories... there is a big difference between women, bitches, hoes, skanks, sluts and my momma! Not all females have morals which distinguishes one from the other, attitudes vary, and for the most part expectations, promises, lies, lifestyles , childhood and past relationships shape a woman's morale. 


                                     Where Do We Start?          

Somewhere! Maybe at its origin.... But where is that? Since woman was created from the rib of a man, I guess if women will stick together, its starts with men.
Do we add something to how women act & react? Yes. 


Some women can & do cause problems for other women, sometimes because that man is not taming his woman, instead he's out with another woman who's in the last stages of being a good girl because the last dude she dated lied, cheated and treated her basic.  When women start setting higher standards men will do better. When women continue to develop a clear sense of a real woman then the root of a man will become stronger. Once the bitches, hoes, skanks and sluts start to value themselves more than breakfast, lunch, dinner, trips, shopping sprees, purses, bags, heels & dick then men will do better, sometimes the playing field is simple & too easy, why would men change if all the females are not on one accord to make us do right?