The Cream Always Rises To The Top

Many times we allow society or media to tell our story. If we leave it up to them, our accomplishments, accolades and successes will go under the radar because it does not generate revenue and interest. If its good then nobody wants to hear about you graduating from college, but if you kill someone its headline news. Knew Culture is newsworthy, we shed light on positivity and the things that will make the culture that much better. Knew Culture is all about praising & showing gratitude to those individuals that do not allow their circumstances, situations, obstacles and naysayers control their destiny, instead we remain encouraged, inspired by what we know we are, Kings & Queens.

The person featured is my former teammate, Dramell Hogan, a friend of mine that was once counted out, he did not let the actions & opinions of others nor setbacks keep him from believing in the power he possessed himself. Salute to my brother from another, I'm proud, the culture is proud because you have changed the score and added more hope and value for the next kid.

- The Cream Always Rises To The Top



  1. AD,
    You too deserve recognition for what you overcame and worked through. Dramell was and is a tremendous young man. He, like you, made a decision to learn from mistakes and to make good decisions. I feel fortunate to have known both of you.

    1. Thanks a lot! For helping us both, for being understanding on & off the court. Thanks for reading!


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