Community Activist

What are barbers, beauticians and stylist? Why do we confide in them so much? It can't just be the haircut, style or service that is provided. We as men and women instill a living trust in their expertise, we appreciate the professionalism they embellish and have great admiration for their specialties. Both men and women hold a great deal of expectancy in them. We trust in their work, therefore, we become & remain loyal to them. I like to think of them as a Community Activist. Their domain, whether it be from home or at a shop, it is a sacred ground. Those same traits and characteristics we admire about them is the reason why we respect what they represent. Community Activist. Jose Mendoza, a 20-yr. old Barber and devoted shoe collector from Berwyn, IL. Jose had been collecting shoes since the age of 14. Some also herald him as the "Shoe King." On New Years Eve at approximately 9:40 pm., His life was taken away while at work, on this day he was set to acquire an exclusive shoe, a pair of "Yeezy's." according to sources, the three individuals responsible for the killing of Jose Mendoza have been arrested. His family is devastated by this tragic and very sad situation. 

     The sneaker community led by some very active individuals within the sneaker community decided to show their gratitude for Jose and his family. two of them are true Sneaker Heads. Adam bka Ghost, from Bellwood, IL. Ghost is a devoted father, hard-worker, gamer and most of his peers described him as a born leader, he has a true hustlers' spirit.  Ghost reached out to one of his mentors, someone he considers his Big Homie, a Sneaker Head that also serves as a Community Activist. Jayceon bka The Game was touched by the tragic story because he knows how shoes mean the most to individuals. For that sole reason and with an urgent approach, Game reached out just as Ghost did, he reached out to Shannon Brown. Brown from Maywood, IL along with his wife Monica were both more than ready to support and lend a hand to help The Robin Hood Project. This core of Community Activists donated $10,000 in Jose Mendoza's name.   According to The Game, $5,000 is going directly to the family of Jose Mendoza and $5,000 to Cease Fire Chicago.


Knew Culture applauds Ghost, The Game, Shannon and Monica for the help they provided from their hearts. We also send the deepest condolences to Jose Mendoza's parents, brothers and the rest of his family, may they gain peace during this time and are able to find forgiveness overtime. 

#TheRobinHoodProject has gone beyond its initial vision. It was started by The Game, he was quoted saying, "I have decided to give $1,000,000 to people I come in contact with around the world everyday until Christmas. Don’t even know if thats possible but I’ve set my heart on trying!!! I’ve created a new account specifically for those who would like to Follow @therobinhoodproject & support me on this journey.

Violence is continuing to destroy special moments in history; innocent lives are continuously lost to senseless acts of violence. I want the culture to step up as 1 community, we must start supporting & respecting one another. We must let each other be great. the culture is beginning to make strides and break barriers that before seemed like a fairy-tale.


The Sneaker Community, along with Sneaker Heads, shoe lovers, as well as many other kids and adults across America (via Instagram & Facebook) have expressed their sadness and give condolences to the Mendoza Family.