Fiscally Responsible

I hear "Don't let these lying images in hip-hop here conquer you, the TV's not your father fool, that video's not your momma." Had to pause the song right after that line, I couldn't stop laughing, like this dude has to be from Chicago. Shit, at least it felt like he was talking to the youth from The Back of The Yards or from Joy Rd. It's strange the people lost sight of what this MC was actually saying since he dumbed it down. How did these bars not register back in 2012 when the song was first released? "Hey shawty, ain't no future in no gang-bang and ain't no manhood in the bang-bang/ ain't no honor cleanin' interstates inside a chain-gang/ know some rap niggas put that shit inside your mainframe/ pills make you stupid and liquor do the same thang/ 'Raris to expensive and they way to hard to maintain/ get yourself a Camry, "nigga said a Camry?" Watch that hoe depreciate, then you'll understand me/ its called being fiscally responsible." Just as Lupe Fiasco says, it has to be written and said again, don't let these lying images in hip-hop conquer you! Fastbreak to today and you have people that slipped up and bumped their head because they did not hear Lupe five years ago say just what Kendrick Lamar did for his sister just recently. The Compton MC gifted his younger sister with a car upon graduating high school, a 2017 Toyota Camry. A portion of people were belittling Kendrick's "big brother gesture" because if they had his money, they would have... Blah! It's called being fiscally responsible!

-Dizzle Knews