How Vital Is The Role Of Today's-Aged Parents?

Discovering the answer to the question of how vital the role of the parents of the children's between the ages of 1-14 will depend on whom you ask... an elementary teacher, daycare worker, psychologist or Grandma. Parents or guardians have a pivotal and wounding effect on the mind, pride, ego and flow of their children. Are we being too nice & passive to non-remorseful parents that act as if they have no accountability or the ones that forget they are responsible for another life than their own? People, specifically parents miss the important times when they should slap their child in the mouth for talking slick to other adults, Bernie Mac said best, "I will f--k a kid up." Parents have to get the kids in-check first. Don't get me wrong, every child isn't like this, but their friends, peers and cousins are. You know it. Its a few loose screws out here. Kids say things like, "my momma said bet nobody put they hands on me!" Now that kid comes to school believing he or she can say whatever, ever, ever they want to an adult. That is where shit gets messy. There are some single- mothers that give the educational special personal verbal permission to put their child in-check, but then you have school policy, so the line is still thin. So where do we start? Not the schools, right? The crib? Home. You'll catch kids these days walking pass elderly couples' homes cursing and not excusing themselves for having a potty mouth, teenagers disrespecting their teachers just because their an immigrant. This is not just an urban america problem, this happens in metro-suburbia too. It's somthin' in these fruit snacks, hot cheetos and lunchables that got these kids f--ked up. Remember, these young teachers not all punks and the older ones, some of them are not for any games. Let's all be mindful of our roles, within the community, sports figures and mentors within the sports division of these communities have to set a better standard in behavior, conduct and sportsmanship so that the kids who have the influence will mold their friends, peers and cousins to get in-line. A big ass team effort will have to take place for this shit to work. Morals, standards, structure, expectation and respect are the gems we should be teaching the youth, they should also know first you have to earn respect and know their place as a child. Parents, lets' step it up! These shorties, they deserve it.