Minny Moves

Kevin Durant changed the game. People thought it was LeBron James when he decided to leave Cleveland for South Beach. That was not it, there were still so vets out there that believed they could compete with stacked teams. Now, LeBron is a veteran, the oldest All-Star on the roster of this year's NBA All-Star Game. He has changed the game, everybody looks at basketball different, but now teams, GM's and fans are all in agreement that you must have weapons. You can't go to war unless your money is right, in this sense, "the money" gets you "the weapons" and those just so happen to be "the players". Chris Paul's move to Houston Rockets was a game-changer for them, Paul George teaming up with this years' MVP in OKC next year will help, where will Gordan Hayward land? Will Kevin Love get traded for Carmelo Anthony? What about Derrick Rose and the Spurs? This year's sleeper team that has made the best moves thus far are the Minnesota Timberwolves. They are making game-changing the decisions and they have the money to do it. Zach Lavine was traded for Jimmy Butler, Ricky Rubio was moved to make way for Jeff Teague and now with the addition of Taj Gibson, the T'Wolves look damn serious. When you have the right leaders, great things happen.

Dizzle Knews